Monday, December 15, 2008

Are you ready for Christmas?

My friend Amy at Love my Babes tagged everyone to see if they are ready for Christmas. I am close to being ready, today I plan on finishing a couple baskets, and maybe a batch of jam. Tomorrow I want to hit Target and get the last of the gifts I need to buy, but we will see how the weather looks. Nate's school was delayed an hour and we just walked him to school. The temperature is 17 degrees, but real feel with the wind is -9 degrees. That walk wasn't fun, and poor Lily was getting blown around. Tomorrow I'll drive him to school! I did retrieve some of my decorations from my planter box that blew into the neighbors yard though!
While we are talking about Christmas gifts, I'll let you in on a few of my ideas......can't give them all away because I know who is reading this! For my grandparents who have everything, and don't want "stuff" from us, I do certificates for the bread of the month club. I print out little coupons, one for each month, that list a specific bread or batch of rolls that I will bring them that month. I did this last year for Grandma and Grandpa Dennison, and they loved it. So, this year I'll do it for both sets of grandparents. It's also a great excuse for me to go visit them once a month.
For the kid's teachers, I do gift baskets with homemade mixes and jams. I try to theme each one different, and get a little inside scoop on their likes. Nate is on a mission today to find out if his teacher likes tea or coffee. I also realize that the kids have many other teachers in the building that they see, PE, Music, Art, Librarian, Para educators, and the kids bring them all jam. It's important for me to show my kids that we need to thank all the staff at the school.
I found calenders at Michael's (for $1!!!!) that you insert photo's into. My kids love to have their own calenders, personalized with their favorite pictures. I also do them for my parents and mother in law.
Anyone else who wants to share their Christmas readiness, play along. (Seriously, some people get mad if you tag them!) Merry Christmas!

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Love my babes said...

Thank you so much for "playing along" w/my tag. It is fun to see others are still getting ready. It is also fun to make your gifts as well. Merry, Merry Christmas!!!