Monday, December 22, 2008

Boogie Boarding in the Snow

My parents are very creative. My siblings and I are very creative, and we know it comes naturally. As kids we learned quickly to create our own fun, or Dad would put us to work. As I mentioned before, Dad would bring out the "toys" on snow days. Not regular toys like sleds or tubes. No, we were on the farm, and Dad would use whatever he could find to make sleds. Most of the time our sled behind the four wheeler was a car hood (those rip your snow pants when you go flying off!). Sometimes it was a piece of fiberglass, or a plastic barrel (that one would give you a bloody nose if you rolled too many times!). So, here I am snowed in, without a sled. Naturally, I think like my father (scary) and use what we have. Last March when Dan and I went to Maui for our 10 year anniversary, he bought a boogie board. Then he payed to have it shipped home. Seriously, where would he ever use that thing again? Well...... I busted that thing out and gave it to the kids. Of course the neighbor used his tractor to clear most of the snow off the driveway this morning, so the kids didn't get the action they were hoping for. Oh well, it was entertaining for awhile, and may work later if we get more snow.


Kristy said...

That's great. Brad was sledding down our hill the other night on a cardboard box that he pulled out of the neighbors recycling bin. It worked really well but I'm not sure why he thought we needed it, we have 3 sleds.
Enjoy...I'm loving your blog.

Love my babes said...

Creativity is wonderful isn't it? That could be scary thinking like your dad;o)