Saturday, December 13, 2008

The Nutcracker Ballet

Last night Mom took her granddaughters to see the Nutcracker Ballet. To be fair, she invited the Mommy's of her granddaughters along. I still don't know who was more excited, my mom or the little girls. I prepared Lily all week and even bought the Nutcracker book so she was familiar with the story. The show was put on by a local ballet company so there were little girls Lily's age in the show. Seriously, it was a great ballet, but those little girls as pink mice and little sheep stole the show. Both Emma and Lily loved the whole thing. Emma was enthralled by the purple sugarplum fairies. She had to go meet a "purple girl" after the show. Mom had bought seats on the floor level, but we went up to the balcony for the second act so the girls could see better. It was a fun night and I realized that we are hitting little girl milestones. Lily's first ballet, her first "show" that she sat through. She is growing up too fast. Can she just stay 5 for a few years while I get used to this? Thanks again Mom for taking us to the Nutcracker, it will be a cherished memory.

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Love my babes said...

How sweet and Lily looks like she is in hog heaven.