Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Undies In the Stocking

It's tradition that us girls get undies in our stockings. Being that Mom worked at the mall for 15 years, most of the time the undies came from Victoria Secret. We also get undies in our Valentine cards, they tend to be pink or red with hearts or something on them. Mom is good about finding the styles that we like. Then Tiffani joined the family. Tiff wears a different kind of undie, so Mom had to start buying three different styles of undies for our stockings. Christmas morning, we would happily pull out our undies to show everyone what we got. The room would oohh and ahh. You can tell that we are excited about our new undies, and love this tradition. We really don't think there is anything strange about it. Then Jessica joined the group. Last Christmas my Mom gave her a stocking, and inside was undies. Jessica saw them, and hid them. Mom asked Jessica later if she liked them, and Jessica was very embarrassed to be talking to her boyfriends mother about her undies. We had to explain to her the tradition, and the fact that she got undies in her stocking meant she was part of the clan. Once Jessica got over her embarrassment, she told Mom what kind of undies she likes. Sooo, this Christmas, Mom counted her four pairs of undies to put in the stockings, then realized Christmas Eve, that two of them were Amy Jo's style, and she didn't have any for me. Christmas day we were opening stockings, showing off what we got (Jessica needed some coaxing to show us her undies!) and Mom had to explain to me that she owed me undies. Saturday when we were in Seattle shopping, we saw a Victoria Secret. I said, "Whoo hoo, Mom owes me undies!". When we walked in the door, the sale was 5 for $25. So, not only did I get my Christmas undies, us girls got to pick out our undies for Valentine's Day. We were quite comical going around this big display of undies, picking out the right styles and sizes for the right person. Poor Tiffani is the only one who doesn't know what she's getting in her Valentine....but we do! Jessica doesn't like pink, and I think that it's only fair that she should get pink undies for Valentine's Day, but Mom let her choose another color. Someday we will get her over to the pink side....someday. Until then, we love getting our undies, and hope to pass the tradition on to the next generation.


Tracie said...

They're called "panties"!!!

Undies are something little kids wear.

Women wear panties....or briefs, or thongs, or g-strings, or nothing at all



Snowmommy said...

Some of us don't wear enough to be called panties, so I was being nice with the undies part. ;)

Love my babes said...

hee hee hee reminds me of Shalisa what did he get in his stocking undies or panties?

Snowmommy said...

Shhhh, he hasn't open his stocking yet!!

Love my babes said...

Enjoy your panties Shalisa;o)