Wednesday, December 31, 2008

East Coast New Years

Years ago I realized that New Years Eve wasn't any fun with young children. We couldn't afford a sitter (if you could even find one) and nobody invited us to a party that was kid friendly. I took it on myself to start my own party for those who were stuck in the same situation as me. We call it East Coast New Years. Friends with children are invited to come, everyone brings munchies and finger foods to snack on all night. The kids destroy my playroom and the adults hang out and talk (and eat, and eat and eat). At 9pm our time, which is midnight on the East Coast, we watch the ball drop in New York, we cheer, make a toast, then everyone goes home. My guests make it home before the drunks hit the road, and the kids are in bed before the meltdowns begin. Just another tradition at the Snows! Happy New Year!!


Love my babes said...

Can I come? Please?????

Snowmommy said...

Sure Amy, just hop on the next plane!